vegetable plate
Throwing a “Green” Party

If you are planning to throw a birthday party or even just a laid back get-together for a special occasion, go “green” with these few party ideas that will make your party eco-friendly and fun!


  • Think Local – Look for your nearest farmer’s market for the in-season fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products. Organic, biodynamic and sustainable foods are also great for keeping your guests on edge of a good tasting, yet healthy, appetite.
  • Green Plates – For delicious food on your menu, have fun throwing green into your recipes like veggies and salads. This is an eco-friendly party favorite.


  • Fruit Juice and Tea – Different kinds of fruit juice make delicious savory drinks, especially for this hot summer. Whip up a batch of seedless watermelon or grape fruit into a pitcher for your guests. Mixing up some organic herbal teas is another good choice.
  • The Other Route – If you decide to buy your drinks, such as soda, make sure you use aluminum cans instead of plastic bottles. According to Environmental Defense, it takes 95 percent less energy to recycle an aluminum can than to create a new can from raw material.


  • Floral Arrangements – In small bowls or vases, insert freshly cut flowers that can be placed randomly on tables or around your backyard. You can even add small vegetables and fruits on a shish kabob and poke them in your vases of flowers for your guests to pick from as an appetizer.
  • Reservations – Collect large leaves from your yard. With a non-toxic permanent ink pen, write your guests’ names. Leave them in their assigned seating arrangements as reservation cards.
  • Dishes and Tableware – For a small group, use reusable plates, cups and utensils. For a larger group, use environmentally-friendly disposable tableware (commonly found in mainstream stores).

Party Fun

  • Piñata – Make your own piñata by blowing up a natural latex balloon (which are biodegradable), then cut up newspaper into long strips to cover the balloon. Add some leaves from your yard to cover up the newspaper strips. Use ribbon or rope to then hang your piñata from a tree.
  • Request or Give Gifts – Suggest donations to green or sustainable causes or put green items like artwork, gift certificates to a local cuisine or restaurant, in a gift registry list.

Have fun with your party and remember to collect any trash into its appropriate bin as well as recycling. Hope you and your guests enjoy your awesome “green” party!