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Save Money on Your Winter Electric Bill

As we keep getting closer to December, the weather is starting to get cooler. If you want to save money on your electricity bill while keeping warm, follow these tips.

  1. Did you forget about that sweater you bought during the summer? It‘s time to bust that sweater out, and wear it around the house. Stack up on layers of clothing to keep yourself warm while keeping your energy bill at a reasonable price. Don’t let this cooler weather get the best of you and your wallet.
  2. Check all the windows and doors for any leaks or gaps. These gaps become escape tunnels, letting heat escape your house causing the heater to stay on for longer periods of time.
  3. Take a look at all the appliances around your house like your cooling/heating system, dishwasher, laundry, dryer and refrigerator. If you have had them for more than ten years, it might be time to replace them. With today’s technology, these machines have been optimized to save you as much energy as possible. Always look for the ENERGY STAR® label when considering this option.

The days will keep getting colder as we near December, and we should focus on Christmas presents for our loved ones, rather than our energy bills. A little bit of research and elbow grease goes a long way. We hope everyone finds their own way to effectively and efficiently keep warm!

(The San Antonio Energy Champions program is an energy-efficiency initiative started by Champion AC in San Antonio. It focuses on sharing tips on living a green life, educating elementary children about our community’s energy needs, cutting down on our environmental footprint and saving both money and energy at home.)