San Antonio Energy Champions

SAEC Education Program

The San Antonio Energy Champions program  initiated with the development of educational presentations for elementary schoolers. Champion AC established the presentations to coincide with one portion of its mission – to lead the way in going green by educating San Antonio about energy efficiency, energy saving, and environmentally friendly products and services.

The presentations include:

  • Demonstrations of energy use and how to be more efficient with energy use
  • Discussion of renewable energy sources
  • Brainstorm about why it is important for them to do their part in helping to improve the environment
  • Lessons about other topics including: How the students burn off energy in their daily activities, conserving around the classroom and homes, how energy works in our community, energy appliances – how to use them in the most efficient way

Each class that takes part in the program receives certificates deeming the students “San Antonio Energy Champions.”

Here are some thoughts on energy efficiency from the first group of San Antonio Energy Champions.