Protect Your Garden From Pests

Gardening and landscaping may be fun but difficult to maintain – especially if you have pests roaming around your territory. Don’t fear any longer! According to Daily Green, here are some ways to control the pests from eating out your plants by reusing some would-be throwaway materials that you probably wouldn’t expect to be reused.

Slugs, and snails, and worms, Oh My!
Garden slugs, snails, cutworms, caterpillars and other types of crawling garden pests are usually the most common creatures ruining your plants. Keep them away by spreading eggshells, nut shells or even coffee grounds on the surface of the soil surrounding your plats. Not to mention, all these items add nutrients to your soil and naturally decompose.

Pop up your collar
You can also protect your young plant steam by making a “collar” to place around it out of aluminum foil, newspaper, cardboard toilet paper tube or even a tin/aluminum can with both ends opened. Any kind of collar you use, make sure it does not touch the plant so that it has room to grow freely.

Go Bananas
If you have a problem with aphids killing your precious plants, chop up banana peels and stir them into the soil surrounding the plant. The banana peels will deter aphids and also add potassium to your soil.

Take it Old School
This may sound old–fashioned, but believe it or not, scarecrows are still great for keeping birds away from your plants if you involve some sort of movement or noise. Add either repurposed aluminum foil, strands of old video/audio tape, aluminum cans, pie plates or even old CDs strung together – anything that will flash and flutter in the slightest breeze.

Add Wardrobe to your Garden
To protect your fruits and vegetables, such as melons, apples, pears, cucumbers and zucchinis, use old pantyhose to cover these plants. Make sure one side is tied off on the end. This keeps a host of insects and birds at bay.

Oh Deer!
If you have bigger issues to worry about like deer, scatter human and pet hair around your plants. Tied up soap in some pantyhose can also help scare deer away. Deer also hate the smell of rotten eggs. Mix rotten eggs with water, and spray it around your plants for a better effect.

Who knew keeping pests away from your gardening and landscaping can be this much fun and creative? Try it out and let us know how it goes!

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