kids and efficiency
Kids Can Go Green, Too!

Reducing one’s carbon footprint isn’t just a concern for adults. Kids can make an impact too! Parents can play a huge role in teaching their kids some energy-efficient and environmentally friendly tips and habits. Here are a few ways to get your kids involved in the green movement.

  1. Turn off the lights: When your kids leave a room, get them in the habit of turning off the lights. Help explain that leaving lights, televisions and video games on costs mom and dad money – and that’s the same money used to buy toys and video games. So every time they leave those things on, they’re wasting money that could possibly be used for other things.
  2. Turn off the water while brushing teeth: Leaving the water running while wastes a lot of water. This is a good habit for parents to adopt as well!
  3. Change transportation habits: Parents, this will require some work on your end. Can you carpool with other parents in the neighborhood? Can your kid ride his or her bike to school or walk to school? These are all much more environmentally friendly options than each parent individually driving their child to school.
  4. Be green at school: One of the coolest things we’ve seen since our Energy Challenge competition started has been the green practices adopted in elementary schools – things like Watt Watchers who go around turning off lights, recycling teams who pick up recyclables from classrooms and gardens grown on the school property. Have your child ask a teacher if those programs are possible at their school!

(The San Antonio Energy Champions program is an energy-efficiency initiative started by Champion AC in San Antonio. It focuses on sharing tips on living a green life, educating elementary children about our community’s energy needs, cutting down on our environmental footprint and saving both money and energy at home.)