Efficient Tips for the Summer

Whether you’re staying home to relax or vacationing with your family this summer, you can still continue making green choices. Here are some eco-friendly techniques from the EPA that will benefit you and your environment this summer!

Sun Protection

  • Apply about one ounce of sunscreen 15 minutes before any outside activities. Reapply every 2 hours, even on cloudy days and after swimming or sweating
  • Wear protective clothing along with sun hats or caps and sunglasses for face protection.
  • Seek shade when possible. The sun’s UV rays are at its strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


  • Most common health effects are caused by the ozone air pollution. You can reduce this by taking alternative transportation to your desired destinations such as a bus, train, bike or even walking. This simple change can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an estimated 1,500 pounds each year.


  • If boating, prevent pollution with techniques like limiting your engine operation at full throttle, eliminating unnecessary idling and by avoiding spills of gasoline.
  • Conserve water at home this summer by stopping any water leaks you may have and watering your plants only when needed. Consider switching your clothes washer to an Energy Star washer to use 35-50 percent less water.

At Home

  • Keep your house cool and lower your energy costs by having more shade around your windows such as curtains, drapes and even planting trees outside near your window.
  • While you spend most of your days outdoors, make sure you unplug appliances that are not in use to save energy costs.
  • If you decide to throw family BBQs for summer celebrations, use propane while cooking. It burns cleaner than charcoal or wooden briquettes.


  • Save on gasoline and money during your vacation trips by keeping your vehicle tuned, your tires properly inflated, and of course, safe driving.
  • When refueling your vehicle, secure the gas cap after refueling to prevent vapors from escaping, and avoid refueling on ozone action days. Gasoline vapors are harmful to you and the environment.

Summer has never been this much fun and rewarding when protecting yourself and the environment. Keep enjoying the rest of your summer!

(The San Antonio Energy Champions program is an energy-efficiency initiative started by Champion AC in San Antonio. It focuses on sharing tips on living a green life, educating elementary children about our community’s energy needs, cutting down on our environmental footprint and saving both money and energy at home.)