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Eat Smart While Going Green

Besides having healthy nutritional habits, there are ways to make wise choices when it comes to eating and being eco-friendly. Here are 10 ways to eat smart while going green from Eat Smart, Move More NC:

1. Prepare more meals at home – Buy fewer processed foods and cook more simple meals from fresh ingredients
2. Eat away from the TV and computer – You may pay more attention to how you feel when eating and, therefore, eat less without any distraction.
3. Compost fruits and vegetables – Composting is a great tool for fertilizing and also helps reduce food waste.
4. Conserve water – For a cold glass of water, don’t let your faucet run for a period of time in order for your water to get cold. Prepare cold water by filling up a pitcher and placing it in your fridge for long lasting cold water.
5. Avoid plastic and paper grocery bags – When you go grocery shopping, bring your own reusable cloth bags from home
6. Buy food in bulk – This can reduce the amount you throw away and leaves portion single servings into reusable containers.
7. Avoid plastic cups and bottles – Plastic cups and bottles actually take about 500 years to degrade in a landfill. Reusable containers are best when drinking water, milk or 100% fruit juice.
8. Buy locally grown produce from farmers’ markets – Local food actually is fresher and even tastier than long distance shipped food.
9. Explore organic fruits and vegetables – There are no pesticides when it comes to organic food, meaning healthier soil, water and wildlife.
10. Grow your own vegetable or herb garden – Growing your own fresh and delicious food from your own backyard will save you money and provide a sense of accomplishment at dinner time.

So get out there and start moving to a healthier and greener eating lifestyle!

(The San Antonio Energy Champions program is an energy-efficiency initiative started by Champion AC in San Antonio. It focuses on sharing tips on living a green life, educating elementary children about our community’s energy needs, cutting down on our environmental footprint and saving both money and energy at home.)