Common and Unusual Ways to Recycle

Recycling is an important factor when it comes to going green. There has even been a progression across the globe of individuals finding ways to recycle any material and creating a whole new product. Recycling is an easy, yet powerful step to helping our planet. Here are some common ways and uncommon ways to recycle right at home from ECOBLE and Eco-Office Gals.

Common Ways to Recycle

  • First of all, keep a recycling container next to your trash bin to make it easier to collect recyclable items.
  • Always rinse out plastic, glass, and metal food containers before thrown into a recycling container to avoid insects and rodents.
  • Use cardboard to create awnings or water and air proofing. Laminated cardboard can be used for back frames as a base to stick art work on.
  • Recycle any remaining paper products such as magazines, flyers, glossy newspaper ads, envelopes, phone books, old letters and computer printing paper into a different recycling bin. All these paper products can be handed over to a recycling unit to be made into paper bags, craft items, paper mache dolls and other items.
  • Plastic egg cartons can be painted and used as a costume jewelry keeper.
  • Food trays can be used to grow seedlings in the garden.
  • Plastic cups can also be used to grow seedlings, or for small plants, or as snail traps in your garden.
  • Copper, such as pots, vases, and vessels, can be repolished and used for house decoration or even for gifts on special occasions.
  • Old car tires are great for tire swings that children can play with in the yard.

Uncommon Ways to Recycle

  • Blend leftover salad greens with water and feed this mixture to your plants. This is a good nutrient to feed growing plants.
  • Use old CD cases and connect them into a shaped box that can surround a growing plant to grow upright towards the sunlight.
  • If your shower curtain is clear, you can make it into a photo holder.
  • Recycle clothes by stitching old sweaters, shirts, pants, etc. Roll it together to create a carpet that can be placed in an area within your home.

Whether they’re common or uncommon, what are some other ways to recycle that you can think of?

(The San Antonio Energy Champions program is an energy-efficiency initiative started by Champion AC in San Antonio. It focuses on sharing tips on living a green life, educating elementary children about our community’s energy needs, cutting down on our environmental footprint and saving both money and energy at home.)